No deposit bonus Canada

With the sudden increase in online gamblers, casino operators have adopted different ways to attract more players to their platform.
Loyalty programs with comp points, daily, weekly or monthly packages, extra spins, birthday offers, are some of the many ways an online casino brand can distinguish itself.

While all these offers mentioned above are quite enticing, most players in Canada, and other countries, are often interested in no deposit bonuses. Players pay close attention to casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and choose them over others.

If you’re new to online gambling, you might be wondering why players are attracted to no deposit bonus and what makes them so interesting?

Here’s why:
Unlike regular casino bonuses that require players to make an initial deposit to be eligible for the offer, no deposit bonuses don’t. You’re not required to deposit a single dollar to be qualified for the bonus offer. This makes no deposit bonuses quite convenient for players on a tight budget.

Casinos with No Deposit Bonus

All About No Deposit Casino Bonus Canada

As we’ve already mentioned above, this type of bonus does not need your initial deposit to function. They are usually made available to players once their registration is complete. In some rare cases, registration is not even required.

So, it’s not difficult to see why players like a no deposit bonus casino, as it allows them to explore a certain online gambling platform without having to invest any amount of money.

Sometimes, while browsing through different websites or forums, you may come across some advertised no deposit bonus codes. Their sheer number can be puzzling and make one wonder what their purpose could be. This leads us to the next thing, what are no deposit bonus codes?

No deposit bonus codes

No deposit bonus codes are a system put in place by operators to make it possible for players to claim and use the bonus easily. In most cases, there is no restriction, as everyone who comes across the casino no deposit bonus codes can take advantage of them. The only time no deposit bonus codes are not for the general public is when the online casino sends a special offer to loyal members of the platform via email or SMS. This makes the no deposit casino bonus codes exclusive to the players they are sent to.

Types of no deposit bonuses

First of all, knowing the different ways these gifts can come is very important. This will help you to know what to expect from them. They include:

Extra spins

These are mostly liked by slot players because they are given in fine portions, and allow the exploration of different slot titles. This online casino no deposit bonus can either give access to all games or specific titles. As for how long extra spins last, if the amount given is little, then the player is expected to exhaust them within a day. But in the case they are plentiful, then the no deposit bonus casino gives several days for the no deposit bonuses to be put to use.

Extra cash

This is another shape a no deposit casino bonus can take. As a matter of fact, most no deposit bonuses appear in this form and are not limited to just slot games. Players can use them to explore other types of games, and it shares similarities with extra spins in the aspects of rules and time duration.

Take the following tips to mind:

• Do not hasten to grab a no deposit bonus. First check for its wagering requirements and be sure it’s something you can fulfill. If they are excessive, say above 50, then it may not be a good choice, as you may find it difficult to meet them all.

• Always check the duration of the offer, so that you can strive towards completing the playthrough demands in time.

• Be conversant with the list of games that can contribute meaningfully to the completion of the wagering requirements. Some games will contribute nothing, while particular titles may contribute only 10-20%.

• Understand the nature of the online casino no deposit bonus you’re going for. Winnings gotten from a no deposit bonus may be sticky or cashable. What this means is that sometimes the no deposit casino will only allow the withdrawal of small funds and in some cases, they will be held back by the casino to serve as play funds. The two scenarios are okay, but you should find out the rules to prevent any confusion.

Terms and Conditions

A no deposit casino holds the right to be selective of the players they accept. These casinos can choose to refuse players from certain countries, as well as limit some promotions to a specific customer base. The no deposit casino can also make changes to its rules, increase or decrease withdrawal and deposit limits, and many more at its own discretion.

That is why reading and understanding the terms and conditions of any no deposit casino of your choice is paramount. This will help you avoid finding yourself in a difficult position later on. This action shouldn’t be viewed only in the light of suspicion, but instead, it should be seen as a measure taken to properly understand how the no deposit casino operates.

No Deposit Bonus Online Casino

Where to find the best no deposit bonus

Finding the best no deposit bonus begins with finding an appropriate online casino. Ordinarily, this should be a herculean task, especially if you go on the discovery mission all by yourself. But you don’t have to do that – we’re here to help. We have done the heavy lifting for you, so simply go through our no deposit bonus casino list and find where you can earn cash rewards, free spins and chips at no cost.

No stone should be left unturned when searching for the most suitable no deposit bonus. Below are additional things you should be on the look out for before settling with a no deposit casino:

• A license is one way to be sure that a no deposit bonus casino has the full backing of regulators. So, in your quest for a no deposit bonus, look for a clickable seal in your preferred online casino. With it, you can verify the authenticity of the gambling venue in real time.

• Knowing the history of the software makers that are working with the no deposit casino is also important. They don’t have to be a popular brand, but must have a record of fair gaming and game diversification.

• The no deposit casino Canada should have a sizable game selection. It doesn’t have to be thousands of games, but the available titles should be fun and exciting to play.

• The processing time, banking options and the total behaviour of the no deposit casino towards transactions will reveal whether it is player-friendly or not.


When it comes to choosing an online casino with no deposit bonus, there are lots of factors to consider. For a regular player, it can be pretty difficult to choose the right casino that meets all standards. This is why we, at OnlineCasinoCanuck, have done all the hard work for you. We have employed different strategies and techniques to curate a long list of trusted online casino brands that offer no deposit bonuses for Canadians. Simply go through our list, and make a selection.

Frequently asked questions

Can I withdraw winnings obtained with a no deposit bonus?

If the no deposit bonus is cashable, then it’s possible. If you are awarded a cashable no deposit bonus, the casino will allow you to take your earnings along with the free cash. While on the contrary, non-cashable bonuses are subtracted from your winnings.

Who is qualified for no deposit bonuses?

As long as you are up to 18 years and above, you can register at a no deposit bonus casino and claim the available no deposit bonus.

Where can I find a trustworthy no deposit bonus casino list?

Visit and you will find a comprehensive list of no deposit bonus casinos.

Does a no deposit bonus expire?

Yes, it does like every other online casino bonus Canada. Generally, the bonus can last for 7 days or up to 30 days in some rare cases. Check the terms and conditions page of the no deposit casino to be sure of the expiry date.

As a Canadian, am I eligible for a no deposit bonus?

Absolutely! Canadian players have lots of no deposit bonus offers to take advantage of. Visit for the best no deposit bonus casino list in the industry.

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